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For the first time ever, the infamous Bacon Eating Contest will be open to the public! Test your skills (and your stomach) as you compete in becoming the 2017 Bacon Eating Champion.

Anyone wanting to participate in the contest will need to enter a submission. The final list of participants will be chosen by Ohio Bacon Fest organizers based solely on their submission. To enter:

-Submit a ~10-20 second video (max 60 seconds) or 1-2 written sentences that introduce yourself, explains why YOU should be chosen to be in the contest, and how you’ll win.


Winners will be notified via Facebook. The winner of the Bacon Eating Contest will win a trophy, a “Bacon Eating Contest Champ” t-shirt, a belly full of bacon, and of course, bragging right of becoming THE Bacon Eating Contest Champ of 2017!

***To send your submission, please click here and post your entry on the Facebook event page.***

(Please do not send multiple entries or send follow-ups. Winners will be notified by Tuesday, September 5)