5 Types Of Bacon Not Made From Pigs

Continuing the pre-party pointers for Prime Social Group and MikeGallichioNow’s upcoming Ohio Bacon Fest, we’ve compiled a list of bacon alternatives for the adventurous at heart. Now you can be a hipster even with your breakfast meat.

Ever try satiating your inner lumberjack with a simmering griddle of elk bacon, or linger on the delicate flavors of goose bacon? We know there’s plenty others out there, tweet us your favorite at @ohiobaconfest!

Seitan Bacon


Sure, bacon is the ultimate meat lover’s comfort food, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians and vegans can’t get in on the action. Chef Conroy’s seitan-based vegan bacon, or “Bacun,” is one of the most raved-about-by-former-meat-lovers recipes ever.

Elk Bacon


Elk bacon, the very idea of it screams “hearty and robust,” but it’s actually extremely lean and tender. Though you might be hard pressed to find it down South, any solid butcher in a more Northern state is going to have some incredible cuts for you to try.

Venison Bacon


Any kind of game is going to have a radically different flavor than your usual household cuts, and venison is a classic example. Essentially an eloquent way of saying deer meat, venison is rather lean, requiring a bit of extra work, but it’s well worth it. If you hunt, and fancy having a try at smoking your own venison bacon, give this recipe a chance.

Duck Bacon


Duck bacon. Yes, the bird. It’s got 57% less fat than pork bacon and it’s oh-so-crispy… But, at $15 per 8oz, it’s certainly for the more refined palates out there.

Lamb Bacon


Chef Ilan Hall of Brooklyn’s The Gorbals says, “I use lamb bacon because it has a gaminess that pork doesn’t have, and it takes on smoke in a whole different way.” It’s delicious, and bothkosher and halal. Enough said.

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